Frequently Asked Questions

How do mechanical watches work?

How does an automatic / self-winding watch work?

An automatic watch is equipped with a rotor. The rotor will oscillate with the persons movement and motion to fill up the power reserve that would then release its energy to move the hands on your watch.

Does my watch need servicing?

How often should I service my watch? Should I service my watch? When should I service my watch?

Like all mechanical movements, a watch that is mechanical needs regular care; that of course would differ from one brand to the other; In terms of the period between each service recommended.

Quartz movements are also required servicing.

Can I change the sapphire crystal of my watch?

My watch fell and the glass broke / cracked.

Fine watches are made to be serviced; therefore, sapphire crystals are made to be replaced.

If your watches sapphire crystal broke, we would recommend you to stop the watch, by pulling out the crown. It is also very important not to move the crown once pulled out to avoid the hands from moving. 

Following that we would recommend you visit only official retailers with certified watchmakers to carry the maintenance of your watch.

Can I swim with my watch?

Is my watch water resistant / water proof ?

Depending on your watch and its brand and model; the option of swimming with your watch is of course valid. Please check the user manual offered with your timepiece to understand better if your watch meets the requirements.

Buying a watch as an anniversary gift.

Buying a watch for my wife. buying a watch for my husband.

 Watches have always been a symbol of time; so is its function. 

It would be our pleasure to serve you and help you decide on the perfect gift for him or her on this very special occasion. 

How often should I wind my watch?

How do I wind my automatic watch? Should I wind my watch?

 All automatic watches should be hand winded manually prior to initial use. The power reserve at this stage would be empty and by winding it manually, you would make sure there is enough energy for the watch to run, while your motion after would guarantee sustaining the power in its reserve.

We recommend you wearing your mechanical watch for more than 8 hours a day for better accuracy levels.

Depending on the watch model and brand, you can wind the watch for approximately 30 times to wind up the mainspring.

Avoid over winding in some models and brands to avoid breaking any parts.

We would also highly recommend you reading more the user manual that is tailored for your watch.

My watch is not accurate, what should I do?

My watch lost its accuracy. My watch is losing / gaining time.

 Having 86,400 seconds in a day, a mechanical watch depending on the brand and/or model, would be 99.99% accurate; giving it room to gain or lose a couple of seconds in a day.

We would always recommend you check the accuracy/tolerance level that meets your needs before purchasing your next mechanical watch. 

Why does the accuracy level change in my watch?

My watch is not accurate anymore.

 Mechanical movements have different levels of tolerance for its accuracy. After a period of time you might notice your watch is not as accurate as before. Mainly, from reasons such as temperature, magnetic fields, positioning and shocks. In addition to a long period of lack of service and maintenance.


Can I fix the scratches on my watch?

When should I polish my watch? Does my watch need polishing?

Polishing a watch is of course possible, depending on the bracelet condition and of course the material the watch is made of. 

Watches that are coated are exempted from the above and have a different procedure.

Please, feel free to visit us for one of our experts advise on this matter. 


My watch stopped, what should I do?

Where can I fix my watch?

Whether your watch is automatic or quartz, if your watch stops you should visit your nearest service center.

Always make sure you visit the official service center by first checking online on the official website of the brand for directions.

Please keep in mind that automatic watches stop when not worn; simply adjusting the time and winding the crown might be the solution for some cases.


Where can I buy an authentic watch in Amman Jordan?

Buying an authentic watch. Buying a genuine / original watch.

The best way is to avoid scams, theft or manipulations; and to avoid turning a beautiful shopping experience into a negative one.

We would always recommend you visiting only official retailers of any of the brands you wish to wear and enjoy.


Buying a Rolex in Amman Jordan.

Buying a Tudor in Amman Jordan. Longines in Amman Jordan.

Karnig Company is the official retailer for Rolex, Tudor and Longines watches in Amman Jordan. 

To visit us please use the boutique locator for directions.


What does a watch guarantee cover?

Is my watch under guarantee? Can I use the guarantee to fix my watch?

Like most guarantees out there, timepieces have the same principle. Any usual wear and tear are not included. Nor are the broken parts resulted from a misuse. Leather straps are of course not under guarantee.

An important note however is the guarantee period; when shopping for your next watch always check which company offers you a longer period.

You should also read the guarantee guidelines booklet offered with your watch, for further information.


How do I clean my watch?

How do I maintain / take care of my watch? Cleaning the bracelet.

Make sure the crown/s of your watch are screwed in tight and are in good condition*.

Watches that are waterproof could be cleaned with a soft brush and soapy water. Rinsing it with clean water after is also a must to take out the remaining of the soap accumulated on the bracelet.

Cleaning your watch with a soft cloth is also a good way to remove fingerprints.

*Good condition: watches that are regularly serviced and well maintained.


How do I safely store my watch?

Where should I keep my watch stored?

If you decide to keep your watch stored it in a safe.

We would highly recommend you to once in a while, take it out, wind it, wear it for a day or two.

Avoid placing the safe in a humid and dusty locations.

For quartz movements; you should exchnage the battery as soon as it stopes, to avoid damaging the movement due to the expired battery.


Does my watch wind while I sleep?

Is it better to sleep while wearing my automatic watch?

It is true that an automatic watch should be worn to gain power and keep the hands running. However, always keep in mind that an automatic watch gets its energy from motion. Therefore, NO, the automatic rotor would not wind while wearing it at that specific time of day.


What does a chronometer in a watch mean?

What is a certified chronometer watch?

A chronometer is a Certificate offered by COSC Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres.

After passing certain precision standards that tests the endurance of the watch in different ways and angles, the test is conducted on several days/weeks.

The watch then can only be certified and would have the right to use it and state it on the face of its timepiece.

For more information please visit its official website.


My watch was stolen, what should I do?

What should I do if my watch was stolen?

We recommend you to always store the guarantee and your watch in two different places to avoid the theft of both the watch and its guarantee together.

Filing a police report and providing it to us with a copy of the guarantee card could help in tracing the watch.


What is a chronograph in a watch?

Chronograph function in my watch. 

Some models are available with a chronograph function, that mainly equipts the watch with extra pushers on the case and extra sub dials on the face of the watch, in addition to a tachymeter on the bezel that would help measure the average speed in a smooth matter.

Other options of chronographs are also available that measure time and distance.


Should I keep the chronograph of my watch on?

Should I keep the stopwatch on all the time?

After using the chronograph function, we would always recommend you stop the function and make sure the pushers are screwed back in properly and gently.


What does annual calendar mean?

What is an annual calendar watch? 

A mechanical annual calendar watch is a timepiece that would only need an adjustment of the date once a year in February.


What is the power reserve of my automatic watch?

How do I know the power reserve of my watch?

The power reserve differs from one brand to the other, keeping in mind that within the same brand some movements would have higher power reserve capacity.

The power reserve is always stated to be approximate and would be found in the user manual booklet provided with your watch.


Where is Karnig located in Amman Jordan?

Rolex in Amman Jordan / Tudor in Amman Jordan / Longines in Amman Jordan

The location of our showrooms is available at our boutique locator. Please make sure to follow the above directions to guarantee the authenticity of your watch and purchase.


How do I adjust the time of my watch?

How do I set the time on my watch?

Depending on the model and the crown system;

Some models would need to be unscrewed and gently pulled out; others could be gently pulled out without the function of the screw in system.

We would also recommend you read the user manual to know which functions are moved while changing the position of the crown.


Where can I find my watches user manual?

Where can I get the instruction guide for my watch?

All watches come with a user manual. 

Some watchmaker brands have the user manuals uploaded on their official websites as well.

You could also visit your nearest official watch retailer for further assistance.


Can I add diamonds on my watch at a jeweler?

Can I set my watch with diamonds at a jewelry store? After market watch adjustments.

Any aftermarket adjustment is NOT recommended. By doing so you would risk the loss of your guarantee and the refusal of offical retailers accepting your watch for servicing and maintanance.

Therefore, we highly advise you not to alter any part/s of your watch outside an official retailer and its official service centers.


Are all watch models available at Karnig Amman Jordan?

I saw a model at your showroom, is it still available?

Not all models are always available.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

We would also recommend you visit us; to try and allow our expert sales representatives to guide you through all the available watch models.


What should I do if my question is not listed here?

Please contact us with any of your questions that are not mentioned above.






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